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Thirty years ago I landed a gig ghost writing sun sign paperbacks for a well known and untimely deceased astrologer. Tossed into the deep end of learning astrology, I fell in love with the sacred language of celestial bodies. Since then I have studied and practiced evolutionary and Hellenistic Astrology, along with the ageless wisdom of Egyptian, Vedic and Arabic systems for understanding divine timing and turning points in the natal chart.  I am on a mission to bring Queen Luna back from her second class status in the midst of the sun sign hoopla -- the moon is the mistress of magic who reflects your souls intention (defined by the sun) and makes it manifest. Understanding how to harness lunar cycles and the powers of your own natal moon is what makes this astrology LUNATIC. Oh, and  that my natal moon is at the Sabian degree of the prophet helps too! ). 

PS: (All readings are done by ZOOM and recorded for you. With ZOOM you can dial in, or use your phone, tablet or computer). I hope you see you soon! 

A Road Map for Right Turns


Your life journey is a metaphoric road trip -- you can take a path of effortless green lights, grace-filled right turns and high speed flow if you know what obstacles and detours to avoid and what best directions to take. In this 90 minute session we will explore the power of divine timing to help you make wise turning point choices in the year ahead.  The goal is simple: Who would you be if you followed the path of your highest destiny? Or as poet Mary Oliver wrote, "Tell me, what do you plan to do  with your one wild and precious life?"

  • Timing techniques include: progressed lunar phase,  Hellenistic time lord techniques such as distributions through the bounds, zodiacal releasing, and profections, plus solar arc, solar return and secondary progressions, and transits. 


Discover the True You


Astrology readings are divine treasure maps. In this  90-minute treasure hunt we will explore the hidden talents and nuggets of pure soul gold mapped out in the natal chart.  The value of this exploration is often found in the recognition of not only the potentials, but also self-defeating personality habits that a chart reveals -- along with the code to freedom from these old patterns that are usually karmic. Most clients leave this session feeling as if they have for the first time been given a road map of their highest potential and a deep and clear understanding of their life mission. 

  • Techniques used include: planetary aspects and patterns, lunar phase at birth, prominent fixed stars, the asteroids and centaurs, Sabian and Chandra degree symbols and tools from evolutionary astrology focused on lunar nodes and Pluto that address the soul's intention and karmic patterns. 



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HALF PRICE SALE! (Ends June 1st)

After a seven year sojourn in the sign of Aries, Great Awakener Uranus crosses into  earth sign Taurus in early March. Playing best supporting role and paving the way for this transition into a new identity is Chiron, the maverick shaman who crashes the gate of Aries in mid-February for the first time since 1968. The movement of these two transpersonal bodies into new signs will happen at two separate locations in your natal chart — specifically, two different domains of influence and action. Using the Hellenistic whole-sign house system, in this 90-minute reading we will  explore the dormant talents and new directions being awakened in you, and what radical shifts will most likely be catalyzed by the combination of change-maker Uranus and healer Chiron moving into new signs for 7 years, and 9 years respectively.


The Relationship Chart

Whether you are in a committed union, dating, or looking for love, this one hour reading will investigate natal indicators for the qualities in a partner that will bring you most alive and that will catalyze the greatest magic in your world, along with big picture timing and trends for romance and marriage. If you would like to understand how to transform your existing partnership into a high-speed broadband connection for big love, we will need your partners birth data, including time and location. Single and looking for a thriving relationship, then all we need for this session is your brith data. For those of you wondering if it's time to end a relationship, both your birth information and your partners are needed. 



Home Cooked Wisdom

The Kitchen Sessions is your chance to follow up with me in a casual yet focused way on questions you may have after one of our sessions together. This informal but fun offering is for you to send me follow up questions by email (up to three) and for me to give you the low-down on a ZOOM call while I cook dinner -- THUS the KITCHEN sessions. 

Why the kitchen? Because my bedroom and bathroom are off limits AND because I LOVE TO COOK. Vesta, the asteroid found most often in the charts of chefs, in in my natal fourth house of home and hearth. I'd love to bring you into my joyful chefs kitchen AND provide follow up guidance. This affordable offer is available ONLY for existing clients. 


What CLients are Saying

“Rarely have I experienced such an accurate reading. Lori, you have a powerful clarity and authentic connection. Thank you for such a supportive, dynamic, rich session.” ~ Amy E

“Lori is the embodiment of lighthearted magic held in an ocean of power. Her presence and dance gave me confidence to explore, investigate, dive, play and wonder… and bring forth and energize my magic!” ~ Gayle C.

"I knew based on your writings that you were wild and wise, but nothing prepared me for the wonder and depth of your reading." ~ Fred M.




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